Children’s Ministries

Nursery | Birth – 3 years

Offered during Sunday school (9:10 a.m.) and the worship service (10:45 a.m.)

Kids’ Choir | 4 years – 5th grade | 9:10-9:30


Sunday School | 4 years – 5th grade | 9:30-10:10 

In the elementary Sunday school classes, the Show Me Jesus curriculum from Great Commission Publications is taught in the following age groups:
•four years through kindergarten (fellowship hall building south)
•1-2nd grades (behind the sanctuary)
•3rd – 5th grades (fellowship hall building south)

Older Children

Children’s Church | Age 3 through 7 years

Our worship service is for the entire family but knowing that it is hard for little ones to sit still for that long, we offer Children’s Church during the sermon portion of the service. Children usually sit with their parents during the beginning of the service (see our order of worship) and then those aged three through seven years are dismissed to Children’s Church just before the sermon, according to their parents’ wishes.

Our desire is that the children will be able to smoothly transition into the worship service. Thus, each lesson in Children’s Church has a twofold purpose: first, to teach the children about God; and second, to teach them to worship God.

Our curriculum is “Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt.” Each lesson is beautifully illustrated with felt figures and keeps the children’s attention

The children enjoy singing and take turns participating in leading songs in front of the other children, either alone or in groups, as they desire. They are encouraged to pray aloud. We think this is good preparation and will be helpful in using their gifts in the future. Just as in the worship service in the sanctuary, liturgy (order of service) is used regularly in calling the children to worship and prayer. After singing, the Bible lesson and prayer, the children gather at the table and draw pictures relating to the lesson. They may then share with the group and leaders about their drawings.

After the worship service is concluded, parents can pick up their children from the Children’s Church room.

Kids’ Quest | Age 4 years – 5th grade

Sunday evenings at 6 p.m., Kids’ Quest is a catechism program that incorporates Bible teaching and fun activities with learning catechism questions and answers. The children’s catechism covers important truths like the nature of God, the sin of humans, the Gospel of Jesus, and the Ten Commandments.

Following Kids’ Quest, families and children are welcome to join the students and others in snacks and a light meal in the Fellowship Hall.

Below are the first three questions and answers learned by the children in Kids’ Quest.  The beginning questions are simple and geared toward younger children. As the children grow and are able to understand more, the questions become more complex and thought provoking.