The Lost Sheep

October 28, 2018
Point: The Rabbis agreed that God would welcome the penitent sinner, but it is a new idea that God is a seeking god, a god who takes the initiative.

An Open Invitation

August 26, 2018
Point: Jesus is the host of the great supper and the master of all its invitations.

A Lament for the City

July 22, 2018
Point: Jesus would keep working away at His calling until He finished what He had come to do, even unto death.

One Narrow Door

July 15, 2018
Point: Jesus said, "There is only one door that leads to eternal life and it will not always be open."

The New Normal

July 8, 2018
Point: From the Christian perspective, disability is a normal part of life in an abnormal world.

The Coming Division

June 24, 2018
Point: Today men know how to get to the stars, but they do not know how to get to heaven.
Point: Jesus leaves His disciples in no doubt, but that eternal issues are involved in their attitude to Him.