Unified Diversity

April 22, 2018
Point: A believer must live as an integral part of the body of Christ.

Unafraid and Unashamed

April 15, 2018
Point: If we should not be afraid of people who can kill us, then far less should we fear people who can only scorn us.

The Pharisee in Me

April 8, 2018
Point: Nothing is deadlier to the life of true godliness than spiritual hypocrisy.

Two Goats

March 30, 2018
Point: Since salvation is found in Jesus Christ, we must humble our hearts before Him.

Persistence in Prayer

March 4, 2018
Point: God is never asleep at midnight and has no reluctance to answer our prayers.

When You Pray

February 25, 2018
Point: "To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing" -Luther.