Christmas in the City

Imagine if you couldn’t afford to give your kids a gift at Christmas. That’s reality for many in Chicago Living Hope Church’s neighborhood, where our mission team served in the summer of 2018. To love their neighbors well, Living Hope has a Christmas store to give families a dignified, yet discounted, way to shop for their kids this Christmas. We can help them.

Each gift will be sold at $0.25 for every $1. This is a great way to build stronger bonds with the church partners and Woodlawn neighbors. The Living Hope Store especially serves Living Hope youth program kids and Hope Works families.

Goal: Living Hope is hoping to purchase 200 gifts for their families this year. Every family that comes will also get a children’s and/or adult Bible or Bible-resource. Evangel is excited to share this opportunity for you to partner with them to help them reach the goal!

How can we here in Kansas help? Check out Living Hope’s gift wish list here, purchase a gift from the list, and be sure to ship it to the Living Hope Church address.