Ordination of New Deacon

Zack Flummerfelt

At our worship service this Sunday morning, our congregation was blessed by the ordination of a new deacon, Zack Flummerfelt.  Zack and his family have been members of Evangel for several years. Since being nominated for the office of deacon about a year ago, Zack has been studying and training for the role of deacon.  He was recently recommended to the congregation by the Session (our Pastors & Elders) and was elected to the office by the congregation.

Zack now joins the other deacons of Evangel as they coordinate ministries of mercy for our congregation and care for the physical plant of the church.

The Book of Church Order describes the office of deacon as being spiritual in nature and filled by men chosen for their spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly spirit, warm sympathies, and sound judgement.

We thank God for Zack and his family, and pray that God will bless his service to the church and his family as they support his ministry.